We at Gangar & Company are aware of the impact matrimonial and family problems whatever their nature can have both emotionally and financially. We will always ensure that we stay both sensitive and professional when we advise you during these difficult times and we will always try to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

There are complex legal issues involved when it comes to family matters and so it is imperative that you obtain clear, honest and professional legal advice.

At Gangar & Company, we have an experienced family team who can provide you with guidance and advice on the various options available to you, which will be tailored to your individual needs.

We at Gangar & Company can advise you regarding family/matrimonial matters which can include divorce, property and financial matters, care proceedings, disputes concerning children, co-habitation agreements, adoption, separation and domestic violence.

We do offer Legal aid in care proceedings if the Local Authority have applied to the court to take your child into care. Public funding is available to all parents and children who are involved in care proceedings regardless of their financial circumstances. The work that we do will be free of charge if you qualify for Legal Aid.

If you are a respondent parent (mother or father) in Care proceedings or involved in an application for an Emergency Protection Order, please contact our specialised child care solicitors to discuss matters.

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Charges and expenses

In relation to divorce matters we can offer you an estimate of costs. In relation to the estimate of cost regarding your divorce, this would include an initial face to face consultation when initial advice will be provided depending on your circumstances.

All the steps from obtaining your initial instructions through to obtaining the final order (divorce certificate) at the end of the divorce process will be included in the estimate of cost. The estimate of cost will include meeting with you, obtaining your instructions, advising you, preparing and submitting the divorce petition, corresponding with the court and you and other third parties and preparing the necessary paper work involved in the divorce process.

The estimate of costs will be tailored to your individual needs and will ensure that we offer the best possible estimate to suit you. It is only in exceptional circumstances that the estimate of costs will need to be increased but we will discuss this with you accordingly and please note that there will be a court fee for you to pay regarding the divorce petition, unless you are eligible for a fee remission, again we will advise you on this.

We at Gangar & Company like being transparent with our clients on the likely costs that will be involved so that you are aware and budget accordingly and we would be happy to discuss payment plans with you from the outset.

We have put together some examples of the likely charges involved regarding some areas of work but we will provide you with a more accurate estimate during the initial free consultation limited to 15 minutes.

Please note that VAT is charged at 20%.

Divorce Costs

  • Uncontested divorce where you are the Applicant – £850.00 plus of VAT £170.00 plus Disbursements
  • Uncontested divorce where you are the Respondent – £500.00 plus VAT of £100.00 (no Disbursements)

Financial Matters

  • Preparing a ‘clean break’ consent order – £1,500.00 plus VAT of 300.00 and disbursements (normally court fee)
  • Negotiating the terms of a consent order charged at an hourly rate plus VAT
  • Representation in court during financial remedy proceedings, charged at an hourly rate plus VAT
  • Preparing a parenting plan based upon agreed terms – £1,000.00 plus VAT of £200.00
  • Representation in court during private law children act proceedings, charged at an hourly rate plus VAT

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Please contact the following members of our team to discuss matters.
Mr Baljinder Sumon BA (Hons)
Mrs Angela Chahal LLB (Hons)
Mr Manvir Gangar LLB (Hons)

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